Sophisticated Decoration and Unique Gifts

Candles always add warmth to any event. Decorate your wedding with candles matching your color scheme. Give your guests memorable take-home gifts designed in your wedding colors and personalized with the date of your wedding, your names or initials, a message of thanks or a photo of the happy couple.

Luxury Accessories for a Significant Day

Light a Unity Candle during your wedding ceremony to symbolize in a special way your two lives joining together as one. Let a magical fire represent the light of two people in love. The individual taper candles represent your lives before the wedding day. Lighting the center candle symbolizes that your two lives are joining to one light, and represents the joining of your two families to one.

Variety of color combinations

Choose from the catalogue or describe your events color scheme and unique bespoke candles will be created for you.

Creating of a Family Mascot

A candle carving workshop will add color and excitement to a wedding. Together newlyweds will create their family mascot which they will treasure as a symbol of the birth of their family.

Also such a workshop is an awesome way to entertain wedding guests. They will not only be thrilled, but they will also get a memorable souvenir, created by their own hands.

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